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ICARUS Roadmap: The Journey to Infinity and Beyond!

Welcome to the ICARUS roadmap, where we outline our ambitious plans for the future. We’re committed to creating a community-centric platform that rewards our holders and enriches the gaming and crypto ecosystem. ðŸŽŪ🚀

Q4 2023: The Genesis 🌕

  • Community Building: Establishing our Telegram and social media communities.
  • First Tournament: Hosting our first gaming tournament with ALV rewards.
  • Set up Zealy Sprints
  • marketing competitions.

Q1 2024: Taking Flight ðŸŠķ

  • Website Launch: Official launch of the ICARUS website.
  • Cross-Chain Integration: Expanding ICARUS to other blockchains.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with gaming platforms and crypto projects.
  • Reflections: Implementing ALV reflections for holders.

Q2 2024: Soaring High 🌕

  • NFT Integration: Introducing NFTs into the gaming ecosystem.
  • Buybacks: Initiating our first series of buybacks.
  • Global Tournaments: Hosting global gaming tournaments with larger prize pools.

Q3 2024: Beyond the Horizon ðŸŠķ

  • DAO Governance: Introducing a DAO for community voting on major decisions.
  • Merchandise: Launching ICARUS-themed merchandise.
  • Charity Events: Hosting charity tournaments and donating a portion of the proceeds.

Q4 2024: Infinity and Beyond 🌕

  • Virtual Reality: Introducing VR games into the ICARUS ecosystem.
  • Community Rewards: Implementing a new rewards system for active community members.
  • Year-End Mega Tournament: Hosting a year-end tournament with unprecedented rewards.